3 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s with your true love – Your furry friend!

We have compiled the ultimate Valentine’s guide for you and your fluffy friend. 

It’s guaranteed to make the bond between you and your pet even stronger. 

Tyson sharing true love’s kiss with carer Lauren

1. Have Fun Together 

Play your cat’s favourite game (toys with catnip are firm favourites with our cats), go for a romantic walk with your dog or create a heart shaped maze for your rat. The sky is the limit!


We all know the way to the heart is through the stomach. This Valentine’s, make your own treats! We like:

Peanut butter dog treats

Three ingredient cat treats

If time is not on your side, stock up on your pet’s favourite (healthy) treats.

And don’t forget your own special treats! 

3. Get Cosy 

We saved the best for last… Now that you have played together, it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa with your best friend, yummy treats and your favourite rom com. 


Happy Valentines! 

If you are looking to spread the love even further this Valentine’s day, then why not sponsor a CDCH resident?


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Sponsor a small furry

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