Poor Smokey is in need of ongoing medical support

Smokey came into our care with his friend Toots! When they first arrived it was clear Smokey was in need of some medical attention.

He was drinking much more than usual, a little frantic and breathing oddly at times so we wanted to carry out some tests. The results came back and confirmed Smokey had hyperthyroidism. Smokey was then put on daily medication to aid this. Even on his medication, he continued to drink in excess so after consulting our vet, together we feel the best thing for him is to carry out a thyroidectomy.

Our vet will be planning to remove one gland but if they other is enlarged this will need removing also.

The estimated cost for the operation and after care is around £1,000. We are hoping you can help support this operation that Smokey needs to continue to be there for his pal Toots!

Smokey is such a sweet lad. He is very affectionate and loves a fuss. Smokey and Toots will often be found snuggling up with each other.

Can you sponsor Smokey?

To sponsor Smokey for as little as £10 a month visit

Sponsor Smokey

Can you Donate?

If you would rather make a one off donation to support Smokey and animals like him you can do so by..

Donate for Smokey

When Smokey is booked in we will be sure to keep you updated with his progress.
Thank you so much for your support.

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