A special message from Moose, this Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet Cancer Awareness Month is marked throughout November by pet lovers from all over the world. It is a day dedicated to:

  • Spreading awareness about how to prevent, look out for signs and treat pet cancer
  • Honouring our vets caring for pet cancer patents
  • Showing extra affection to pets living with cancer

With that said, we wanted to talk to you about Moose, the very handsome American Bulldog.


Some of you might remember Moose, but here is a little bit of information about him.

Moose was rescued by the RSPCA from incredibly poor conditions. He was extremely emaciated and had visible masses all over his body.


We found out that Moose had cancer, treatment needed to start right away. The larger masses were removed and chemotherapy treatment started.

Moose is quite a character. He doesn’t let his condition bother him. He loves his food (little and often!) and has a HUGE love for his new favourite toy, a rubber bone! He can’t go for his little walks without it.


This boy certainly landed on his paws when he met his amazing foster family. We caught up with Mooses foster Mum:


‘He is still a lover of early mornings! He does a big noisy yawn then just wags his tail as if to say are you awake? Are you awake yet? Bong bong bong tail against the wardrobe, radiator, floor, then cold nose boop! Yes Moose I’m awake!’

‘Moose loves food! So taking meds is easy. He seems ok with the chemo meds. He is shedding fur like crazy and it’s like crafting with glitter! White sprinkles everywhere!’

‘He loves laying in the sun and will find the smallest of patches to lay in too! Not necessarily the comfiest! Moose takes interior design very seriously and pays much attention to making sure things are just right. He does love rearranging the sofa cushions to achieve optimum comfort!’


Moose has now been in our care for 9 months, he is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment under the close eye of our Vet, Mo. He has a few set backs every now and then, a few other lumps to keep an eye on, but generally, he is doing really well.

Can you sponsor Moose through his cancer treatment?

This Pet Cancer Awareness Month why not sponsor Moose through his treatment.


Just £10 a month could help him through chemotherapy and get him on the road to recovery to eventually find his forever home.

We also wanted to take this time to thank a few very special people;

  • Mooses foster Mum for caring for him, our vet
  • Mo, for always being so caring with all our animals, especially Moose
  • Mooses current sponsor family
  • And lastly Moose – thank you Moose, for just being so positive through hard times. Not letting what you have been through or what you are going through affect you, and always putting a smile on our face.

If you are concerned your pet might have cancer or want to know if there is anything you could do to prevent, speak to your vet for further advice.

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