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Lexi a 13-year-old French Bulldog, who arrived at our care after her owner sadly passed away. 

Understandably, Lexi who had been used to a slower paced, chilled lifestyle was missing her recently passed best friend and was slightly unsure at first. 


However, thanks to the kind love and care from our dedicated animal care team, Lexi soon felt reassured and safe.


Ebony Poole – Operations lead – Recognised that Lexi, being an older lady,  would prefer the comforts of a home, and made arrangements for her to be placed in a loving foster home. 


After just two weeks in foster care, Lexi has shown herself to have a super sweet nature, and be friendly with everyone she meets.


Here at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, we are committed to addressing all of Lexi’s needs and continuing to support her throughout her foster journey until she is settled into a loving new home.


We are providing her with the correct food to manage her dry skin,  anti-inflammatories for her older legs and hips, and planning a dental procedure to ensure her comfort and health continues.

Lexi is just one of the animals that came to us needing our help this month. Here are a few other animals that arrived with CDCH.

This extremely handsome chap arrived in our care after spending some time as a stray, his coat was full of flea dirt, he had scratches from Tom cat fighting, an ingrowing dew claw and was understandably shy.


Ron settled in well, and began to receive all the love and care he deserved. We provided him with a warm bed, a full tummy and the love and affection he craved. 

Ron was treated for fleas, neutered and vaccinated.


Ron has really come out of his shell since arriving with us and now fully understands what love is, his true colours have shone through and he really is an affectionate and friendly chap with a loud purr.

Izzy arrived to us after sadly her owner could no longer keep her, she was a little nervous and reserved to begin with but with a little time and love from the team, she soon began to build bonds with her favourite humans and showed her sweet, affectionate and loving side.


She is extremely intelligent and she loves nothing more than a game of tug of war, chasing a ball or learning new tricks.


Izzy received her vaccinations, and flea and worming treatment and is due to be neutered later on this year.

Once you have won Izzy over, she always very excited to greet you, giving bum wiggles and tail wags. She is a real goof and sometimes forgets her size.

Bolts previous owner felt they could no longer meet all of her needs and signed her in to the care of The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.


She is a sassy rabbit who knows exactly how she likes it and will often be found demanding a head scratch and rearranging her toys in her home to exactly how she likes them.


Bolt has received a full health check and has been neutered. 


Bolt loves to run in the garden and really enjoys her food and tasty treats. She will continue to live in foster until she finds a new companion, when her new loving family comes along.

Our promise at The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home is to be there for animals of all ages and sizes, ensuring they have happy lives, however long that may be.

To keep this promise, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you.

Please consider making a donation today to support our work. Together, we can give animals like Lexi, Bolt, Izzy, Ron, and many more the comfort and support they need to thrive.


Your donation can make a real difference in ensuring these animals receive the medical care, nutritious food, and care they deserve.



You can find about all our animals that are looking for ever homes here: The Adoption Process – Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home

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